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Laser welding robot cell

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Laser welding or hybrid welding based on our standard robotic platform.
Our welding cell is a complete solution with all advantages needed
wrapped up in our flexible laser proof cabin with a variety of options. The welding cell is based on our 20 years’ experience of automatized laser processes.

Laser welding offers great advantages compared to arc welding methods. Laser welding is a fast welding method with minimal thermal impact. This method increases productivity due to its speed and the reduced need for after-treatment. Laser welding also creates possibilities for new product designs, which can lead to substantial savings in both material and production time.

Some joints demands additives. We can, in these cases, supply laser hybrid welding as well. Laser hybrid welding can allow maintained specified a-measures, increases welding speeds with up to 10 times compared to manual MIG/MAG welding and reduces the need for after-treatment. In order to offer you the most cost-effective solution we choose between a variety of robot and laser models with fiber cable. We have long experience and know what it takes to obtain a reliable production with laser welding. We supply equipment after your needs with all optics, sensors, fixtures and software needed to create the best solution. We can also develop welding parameters for your specific products.

Combine different sizes of the cell with handling solutions (index table, conveyor, handling robots etc.), integrated assembling and packaging operations, various laser processes (such as laser marking and laser cutting)