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META Cutting Machine

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META platform of laser cutters provides faster cutting speeds for metals and non-metals.

The META laser cutter platform features a unibody chassis design made up of a rigid single weldment that provides improved mechanical stability for the system, resulting in faster cutting speeds and better positioning repeatability.  In addition, the cutting bed on META platform products has been enlarged to accommodate standard European sheet sizes (1.25m x 1.25m).

The control system has also been significantly upgraded to include an industrial type controller as the operator interface. This is an ergonomic monitor/keyboard assembly which is directly mounted on the side of the chassis.  All interface cables for this system are now contained within the machine assembly, further enhancing its ruggedness and suitability for the increasingly industrial environments in which the platform is now being utilized. 

Improvements have also been implemented in the META platform’s software - a new, multilingual software interface, together with the implementation of greater system automation.  Additionally, the system features automatic focus, advanced capacitive height sensing and a fully integrated machine vision system.

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