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Laser cutting robot cell

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Laser cutting based on our standard robotic platform.
Our cutting cell is a complete solution with all advantages needed
wrapped up in our flexible laser proof cabin with a variety of options. The welding cell is based on our 20 years’ experience of automatized laser processes.

We use fiber delivered laser to the robot. This laser type gives high quality curfs, high efficiency and low operating costs. This is why this laser type is becoming more common in “traditional” machines. The fiber enables full robot movement for fast access and positioning.

Compared to traditional five-axis laser cutting machines, robotic laser cutting solutions offer substantial cost benefits and saves production space. Robotic laser cutting usually eliminates at least one expensive production process, which in turn leads to a more efficient production process. Our 3D-laser cutting cell reduces investment costs with up to 35%.

Supplying the robots with the software applications RobotWare Cutting and RobotStudio Cutting PowerPac enables fast plug-and-play for most laser cutting applications.

The ABB IRB 4400-laser cutting package is a robust and well-balanced design with unique controller software, including Truemove ™. The software ensures the robot will follow its programmed path, regardless of its speed, resulting in smooth and quick movements for the highest quality, highest efficiency and most flexible robotic laser cutting. Further, the robots double bearing joints, torque strut on the second axis, and maintenance-free gearbox and cables, ensures a rigid structure and reliable operation.

Combine different sizes of the cell with handling solutions (index table, conveyor, handling robots etc.), integrated assembling and packaging operations, various laser processes (such as laser marking and laser welding)