The Consul General of Sweden in Shanghai and her delegation visited Tus Stjernberg

The Consul General of Sweden in Shanghai and her delegation visited Tus Stjernberg

2018-01-29       Stjernberg Automation/Tus Stjernberg

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As a global leader in innovation, Sweden has long been at the forefront of the Global Innovation Index. In order to promote international cooperation in science and technology, Stjernberg Automation and Tus Stjernberg, with state-of-the-art technology within intelligent manufacturing and lasers, seeks to promote cooperation between Sweden and China. The Stjernberg companies are repeatedly recognized for scientific and technological achievements in the global high-tech laser innovation areas and are known to be the leader in there fields of expertise in northern Europe.

To further promote technical and governmental collaboration between Sweden and China, the Party Secretary of Yuyao, the Consul General of Sweden, the vice Mayor of Yuyao and representatives from Business Sweden, Zhejiang Robotics Group, the government of Yuyao and Tus Stjernberg gathered to exchange their views on this matter.

Lisette Lindahl, Consul General of Sweden in Shanghai and Sebastian Magnusson, Deputy Consul General of Shanghai, visited the robot pavillion at the Sino-Italy Tus Park in Yuyao to inspire and create a working community to examine the progress of cooperation between enterprises in China and Sweden.


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▲ Tus Stjernberg management and the Swedish delegation


Tus Stjernberg's CEO, Magnus Stjernberg, Zhejiang Robotics Group's General Manager, Zhu Chunrong, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Zhongyi Tadi Investment Co., Ltd. Tang Rongcan, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive of Human Resources Gong Menghui, and other major leaders welcomed the visit. Zhu Chunrong introduced the development strategy planning, operation mode and key projects of Tus Holdings and Zhejiang Italian Tus Park.

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▲ Lisette Lindahl, Consul General of Swedish Consulate General in Shanghai, visited the Tus Robot Experience Hall


Lisette Lindahl, Consul General, spoke highly of the cooperation between Tus Holdings and Swedish enterprises in science and technology and fully affirmed the advantages of a Sino-Swedish deepened collaboration. She hopes to inspire China and Sweden to take a leading role in cooperation to build a bigger and more effective platform for scientific and technological innovation enterprises.

In 2018, Stjernberg Automation and Tus Stjernberg will continue to promote deep cooperation with Nordic and Chinese scientific and technological innovation enterprises. Combining with the core business of Stjernberg Automation and Zhejiang Robotics Industry Group, Sino-Italy Tus Park will focus on innovative technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing, explore cooperation modes of overseas science and technology projects and gradually expand cooperation with high-tech enterprises.


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▲ Magnus Stjernberg, CEO of Stjernberg Automation and Tus Stjernberg, was cordially received by Premier Li Keqiang and EU Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker